Andrew Peters

Village Realty Buckhead General Manager / Peters Team, Team Leader / Real Estate Agent

Never one to back away from a challenge, Andrew Peters stayed true to his character and faced the real estate market when it was at records low in 2010.

To Andrew, obstacles are opportunities to strive. That mentality, along with hard work and dedication have led Andrew to his success today. Under the umbrella of Village Realty, Andrew leads a strong team of ambitious agents helping local community with real estate needs. Andrew is quick to respond to transaction crisis, has great ability to multitask, and patience under high pressure situations. Clients praise Andrew and his team for their vast knowledge of the market, and high attention to client satisfaction. When not assisting clients, Peters actively participates in non-profit organizations such as Taiwanese American Professionals (TAP) and Taiwanese Junior Chamber of Commerce (TJCC). He currently serves on the Board of Leadership for the Atlanta chapter of the Asian Real Estate Association of America (, the largest non-profit trade organization dedicated to providing sustainable housing for the AAPI community.

Andrew also is a volunteer participant for the Georgia Association of REALTORS, working tirelessly to advocate fair housing and home ownership in the Atlanta area.

Andrew currently lives in Metro Atlanta with his wife and 3 children.

Vice President & Executive Board Member of Asian Real Estate Association of America, Atlanta Metro '18

AREAA A-LIST, 2018 Top Producers

Million Dollar Club Life Member since 2013

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